A JavaScript web component for publishing interactive crossword puzzles in iPuz format

iPuzzler is a tool for publishing crossword puzzles on the web. It takes puzzles published in the iPuz format and renders them as playable puzzle grids that you can embed in any web page.


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Example Usage

    <title>iPuzzler Demo</title>
    <script type="module" src="js/ipuzzler.js"></script>
    <ipuzzler-puzzle src="puzzle.ipuz"></ipuzzler-puzzle>

Getting Started

iPuzzler is distributed as a single standalone JavaScript module. It requires no libraries, frameworks or external CSS.

  1. Download ipuzzler.js - the current release is 0.1.14.
  2. Save it somewhere in your website. These instructions assume you’ve saved it into /js/.
  3. Add <script type="module" src="/js/ipuzzler-0.1.14.js"></script> to the <head> of your page.
  4. Publish your crossword puzzle in iPuz format
  5. Add <ipuzzler-puzzle src="my-puzzle.ipuz"></ipuzzler-puzzle> to your page.

That’s it.

Example Puzzles

I created iPuzzler after I created a special crossword to commemorate the US 2020 election, and then discovered there was no way to publish it online. That puzzle is a little bit special - same grid, same clues, but it has two valid solutions, and at the time of publishing, we didn’t know yet which one was correct:

(The solution and explanation is available online)

Crossword Compiler ships with several sample puzzles, that have exported in iPuz format to demonstrate iPuzzler:

A couple of newspaper puzzles I’ve converted to iPuz format: